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Guns, Government and Unrelated Topics

Guns, Government and Unrelated Topics. Focus on civil rights, police accountability, Constitutional issues and libertarianism.

Category: Human Rights

Human Rights

Category: Human Rights
New Antarctica

New Antarctica blog outlines issues and concerns from the perspective of the underdog, and the promise of a return to a truly sustainable and peaceful planet; where all sentient beings are respected and valued as equal, and every human is practically grounded with the earth and the living entities around them.

Category: Human Rights

Violation the rights and freedom using technology devices for harassment.

Category: Human Rights
Move Igniter

A motivational blog that makes people move and achieve what they thought was impossible.

Category: Human Rights
Ending Modern Slavery

This blog bring information about modern slavery to the public. There is a hotline and links so that you can help others.

Category: Human Rights
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