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Family Lawyer Albuquerque - The Help You Can Count On for Settling Family Issues

From the dawn of history, both in the court and outside of it have been sharing a lot of the cases and spats which are from families facing troubles and hardships. for more info check out http://www.findlaylegal.com.

Category: Human Rights

Human Rights

Category: Human Rights
Leben auf Kosten - die Gier des Menschen

1,4 Milliarden Menschen leben in extremer Armut. 1 Kind unter 5 Jahren stirbt jede 6. Sekunden an Unterernährung. 2,5 Milliarden Menschen müssen mit weniger als 2 Dollar pro Tag auskommen. In den reichen Ländern werden Lebensmittel auf den Müll geworfen, wird Wegwerfkleidung zu Billigstpreisen und leben auf Kosten der Entwicklungsländer und der Armen. Arme werden ärmer, Reiche immer reicher. Die Gier und Selbstsucht des Menschen …

Category: Human Rights
My viewpoint of education and jobs.

Please read and SPREAD THE LOVEEEEEEEE, I don't mind if people express their viewpoints too

Category: Human Rights
New Antarctica

New Antarctica blog outlines issues and concerns from the perspective of the underdog, and the promise of a return to a truly sustainable and peaceful planet; where all sentient beings are respected and valued as equal, and every human is practically grounded with the earth and the living entities around them.

Category: Human Rights
Move Igniter

A motivational blog that makes people move and achieve what they thought was impossible.

Category: Human Rights
Ending Modern Slavery

This blog bring information about modern slavery to the public. There is a hotline and links so that you can help others.

Category: Human Rights
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