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  • Constance Jablonski Slapped With A $3.3m lawsuit For Violating Contract
    Model Constance Jablonski has been sued by Marilyn Model Management for $3.3 million. The reason behind the lawsuit is that the Victoria?s Secret angel has violated her three year contract, and proceeded to work with DNA Model Management, another firm in the business. Her contract would see the model stay with Marilyn until September 2014, but her departure to another firm has caused much aggravation.Jablonski joined Marilyn back in 2008, and after two years later, she had ascended through the ranks to become a Victoria?s Secret angel. She?s a model with such enviable credentials, having worked many high profile gigs with Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Estee Lauder.  She decided to extend her contract with the modeling firm for three more years from 2011.Marilyn asserts that it helped propel the French-born 21 year old, rise in popularity to attain the ranking of a top international star. True to this, all her gigs have been obtained through the agency, and even helped Jablonski become one of the youngest models to ever receive a multi-million dollar contract from Estee Lauder.The lawsuit claims that the rival firm DNA has poached the star through deceit, and that it seeks to take away the success that Marilyn has helped create for Jablonski. It claims unfair play on the part of DNA, as taking away a model on contract will cause damage to Marilyn?s reputation, and business. The Jablonski lawsuit is seeking the aforementioned amount in damages, in addition to an injunction, which should ban DNA from representing the model, as she is currently the face of Estee Lauder.So far no comment has been offered by either agency, although Jablonski has, through her twitter handle, expressed her excitement at the move. Her attorney expressed how the excitement she had at the beginning of her career had dwindled down because of the exit of all the people she worked closely with. He also went on to point out how much support she is getting at her new agency.It was only after an amicable settling between DNA and Marilyn failed that the battle escalated to a legal platform. Image Source: Nydailynews
    Wednesday 30th of January 2013 07:37:00 AM
  • A Tale of Two Turquoise Pointed Pumps
    Turquoise is a bold color. It is not for the play it safe kind of chic, because these don?t conform to average standards. They are for the woman who feels confident, and rather daring, because the look they confer denotes exactly that. It?s no wonder they are so popular this season, and two of the hottest shoe designers have a pair to keep you satisfied.Sergio Rossi and Jimmy Choo?s turquoise pumpsThe two designers have a huge selection of said pumps, to satisfy the different kind of design needs women have. Two designs have come very close of each other, and a careless glance cannot be able to differentiate the two. It takes even the trained eye a minute to be able to point out the subtle differences between the two shoe designs.Sergio Rossi and Jimmy Choo?s turquoise pointed pumpsJimmy Choo?s pumps take on a light tone of turquoise, while Sergio Rossi?s are somewhat darker in comparison. Additionally, they have heels that are 5mm shorter of Rossi?s at 100. The final difference is with the nature of the cap toe, which is sharper in Jimmy Choo. Other than these, there is no other observable difference, which makes it a tough choice for you if you were in the shop for a turquoise pair and came across the two designs. Both carry the credible reputation of their designers, so any pair would be a good investment. Still on finances, Jimmy Choo?s pumps retail for $525, while Sergio Rossi?s cost $25 more, retailing at $550 instead. They are not the cheapest, but they are a premium addition to have to your closet. Besides, turquoise pumps have such potential, and can bring alive some of the outfits that you never gave preference to. Cases of near-equal designs are not unheard of in the bigger fashion industry. Because the biggest resource is the creative mind, similar designs can be conjured in two different minds, albeit not necessarily at the same time. It?s a kind of redundancy that cannot be eliminated altogether, but only corrected once it is noted. Taking this into consideration, any of the turquoise pointed pumps from either designer are good.Image Source: FashionGlamour
    Wednesday 30th of January 2013 06:46:00 AM
  • A Stunning Dress For A Stunning Beauty
    The Big NightFor the 2013 Art of Elysium ?Heaven? Gala which was presented by Audi, the traffic tunnel in downtown Los Angeles was closed down to make way of the event?s reputed supporters. The event was held on the night of January 12. The night included big names like David Arguette as well as long time supporters like John Legend and a lot more. The night seemed to be a night for couples because there have been plenty of them who celebrated the event together the night before the Golden Globes.A ?Heavenly? Fashion ParadeThe event seemed like a fashion parade on the gray carpet. Bright stars donned beautiful gowns from designers like Rachel Bilson, Louis Vuitton and Carolina Herrera. One of the event?s highlights was Julianne Hough who wore a beautiful and heavenly Jenny Packham Dress.She stunned everyone as she walked with elegance and an all around the world braided up do. The 24 year old actress showed her fashionable taste as she matched the gown with Stuart Weitzman Shoes and topped it off with a Sethi Couture Earrings. Trend KeeperBraided up dos have started to be recently popular on the red carpet specifically speaking at the People?s Choice Awards. Another star known as Jennifer Lawrence also has sported the same hairstyle. Julianne Hough managed to keep that trend going that night. The day before the event, Julianne Hough was reportedly seen attending an appointment at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon. That might be the reason why she rocked a heavenly braided up do at the night of the event which accentuated the Jenny Packham Dress she wore during the event.Many comments have actually commented that things are Apart from being an actress; Julianne Hough is also a ballroom-dancer as well as a country music singer. She won twice at a reality TV show and she was nominated for Creative Arts Primetime Emmy for being an outstanding choreography in the year 2007.  Ms. Hough is also signed to a music company known as the Mercury Nashville Records.  The company helped her released a self-titled album which was launched on May 20 2008. Her very first leading role was in the 2011 remake of a move entitled as ?Footloose?.Image Source: Cristinahh Blog
    Wednesday 23rd of January 2013 10:08:00 AM
  • Miuccia Prada?s Newest Gift for the Fashionista
    Miu Miu retains its spot on women?s hearts just because of including a short in its collections. It is still rare for a brand to acknowledge the impact of a short to make a statement. Any woman can?t help but to agree with Miu Miu upon seeing this. The short?s lookMiu Miu short has this color that is too pleasing to the eyes. Its loose tailoring brings comfort and allows the one wearing it to walk, jump and dance up to her heart?s content. The bottom part of this has a number of beads, crystals and paillettes that can make any woman shine and stand out from the crowd. Wait. Don?t get it wrong. The short is lightweight. It is highly wearable. Promise. The woman?s look with her shortThe Miu Miu short is best paired with a collared shirt and ballet flats. Don?t forget to accentuate the look with a favorite clutch. With this, the crowd can see the woman as simple yet noticeable, quiet yet attention- seeking and glamorous yet down to earth. Why should a woman choose this?One can ignore the wind, rain, thunder and lightning but not this kind of short. It is just so hot. The details are as unique as the person wearing it. It can fit any character a woman wishes to portray. This is the type of thing that one will surely love to wear over and over again. It is made of fine quality raw materials. It can stand the test of time. Miuccia Prada, the DesignerMiuccia Prada is a famous intellectual and fashion designer that won several awards. Those are testaments of her credibility to revolutionize fashion pieces. On this day, she has surely made a way to make the image of a short level up. Truly, one short is enough to make someone feel as if she?s the prettiest woman alive. It is for the young at heart. It is for the lover of sophistication. Make this a great part of your outfit. Just let it tickle your girly senses. Image Source: Feyt
    Tuesday 15th of January 2013 07:06:00 AM
  • Romeo Beckham Shines as Young Burberry Model
    The Burberry ad campaign has just come out and it includes shots of Romeo Beckham?s first ever ad, wearing the brand?s iconic trench coat. Everyone who saw his pictures judge him as having the makings of a top model. The second eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham donned stylish pieces like trench coats and metallics ? and he just looked dapper in it.Great raves as young modelRomeo might have had his first taste of modeling at a tender age of 10, but he seems to have been very comfortable with the experience and even enjoyed it immensely. Who wouldn?t be, if his very first advertising gig is with a top fashion brand like Burberry? The middle child of the Beckham brood passed off well as a carefree young teen, posing happily while donning a belted trench coat with an umbrella on one hand. His act was part of Burberry?s spring and summer 2013 campaign. What people love as well was his shot wearing a metallic belt that made him look so adorable.Romeo in belted trench coatRomeo in metallicBurberry ad of top modelsRomeo acted the part of a dapper gentleman ? and at the same time ? a young flirt. Donning a purple-hued trench coat with metallic belt complete with sunglasses, the neophyte model obviously had a great time working side-by-side with a beautiful and sexy model as he posed for famed photographer Mario Testino. Apart from Beckham, other top super models were included in the Burberry ad such as Edie Campbell, Charlotte Wiggins, Cara Delevingne, Charlie France, Max Rendell, and Alex Dunstan. Each of the models showed off the latest pieces from Burberry London, Burberry Brit, and Burberry Prorsum, as well as the label?s iconic outerwear.All-praises for the young BeckhamChristopher Bailey, chief creative officer of the brand, was happy with the latest Burberry advertisement. He was particularly satisfied with the modeling work of Romeo, and praised him for his ability to easily blend with mostly professional models. In fact, Bailey considered him as the star of the show, being able to affect everyone on the set in a positive way. Bailey looks forward to hiring Beckham for more Burberry ad campaign in the future.Image Source: HollywoodLife
    Friday 21st of December 2012 06:53:00 AM
  • Elle Fanning is the Cover Girl of Bullett?s Winter 2013 Issue
    She used to be known as the quirky younger sister of Dakota Fanning; but not anymore, since she has come on her own as a fine young actress and model. The latest major work of Elle Fanning is as the cover girl of Bullett Issue for Winter 2013. Apart from this, she has just finished doing her role as the brave Princess Aurora in the soon to be shown movie ?Maleficent?. Elle Fanning is just so elated for having been given the opportunity to grace the cover of the Surrel Issue of Bullett Magazine.Fanning?s Eccentric MovesThe 14-year-old Hollywood thespian obviously showed how she leaned towards eccentricity by doing out-of-this-world poses while donning unconventional makeup and hairdo. Despite her young age, Fanning made everyone feel that she was clearly in charge of the images that she wanted to portray at the magazine. She was a sight to behold as she unleashed her artistry in front page of the magazine that was shot by Pierre Debusschere. The cover shot, in particular, was where she seemed to have let loose of everything. Totally unique feature on ElleHer eccentricity was what the magazine wanted to highlight. It was made known easily in the title of the magazine?s feature editorial on her, which went ?Elle Fanning, and Away She Goes.? In the publication?s feature on Fanning, she discussed a variety of topics, including her relationship and opportunity to work alongside her equally famous sister and the chance to portray an important role in the movie ?Ginger and Rosa.? So many interesting details were revealed by the actress that it was worth having her edition of the Bullett. On Elle?s very first acting job in the movie ?I am Sam?:According to Elle, when the people behind the film ?I am Sam? saw her, they considered her strongly as a double to Fanning. Everyone was amused that she looked much like her older sister that even the director asked her to act as a stand-in to the lead actress by riding on the swing with the male star of the movie Sean Penn. Elle is very proud to remind everyone that ?I am Sam? was her first acting job.Ginger and RosaIn the Bullett Magazine, Elle Fanning didn?t hesitate to gush about how she was given the chance to star in her beautiful movie ?Ginger and Rosa.? According to her, doing the film was a nerve-wracking yet liberating experience, being a new actress.Image Source: SidewalkHustle
    Friday 21st of December 2012 05:29:00 AM
  • Lauren Merkin Zoe Clutch for the Sophisticated Women
    Lauren Merkin is a huge favorite among women mainly because of its beautiful handbags. In fact, this premier brand is on top of the list for as sensible and chic bags are concerned. What women love about this brand is that that every Lauren Merkin clutch bag is created to make a unique statement. Any lady adores its being totally refined while highly wearable. Clutch bag brand that exudes femininity and sophisticationSince feminine, wispy, and cool bags are a must-accessory for the sophisticated woman, one brand that should be included in her closet is the Lauren Merkin bag. Without a doubt, with all its unique and quaint features, this bag is an ideal addition to any ensemble that a woman wears.Lauren Merkin Zoe clutchIf you want to make your night a totally different one from the rest, you must try matching your outfit with the latest Lauren Merkin Zoe Clutch. It?s one accessory that seems to illuminate as you walk through the night. You will make your look more special by bringing along this particular Zoe clutch bag, which is known for its compact and tight qualities. Easily, it is one of the vintage designed clutch bags, but made better with great accents. The beauty of its metal emboss and trimmings, for instance, is sure to mesmerize anyone.Features and specsThe front of the clutch bag has a flap that has magnetized metals that act as bag closures. It also features a chain strap with a 16-inch drop. The interior of the clutch is protected by a signature lining. The overall design is all about aero-dynamics and traditional architecture. With its water snake leather design, this means that old meets modern that makes the clutch timeless, and so is easy to use whatever the occasion might be. Lauren Merkin the designerThe creations of Lauren Merkin, the latest being the Lauren Merkin clutch bag, have become a great part of many women?s outfit. She did made changes on the way that people think about clutch bags. Most importantly, she has revolutionized the clutch bag industry with her exciting and alluring metallic clutch pieces, as well as sequenced bags. Image Source: BloomingDales
    Thursday 20th of December 2012 07:57:00 AM
  • Cate Blanchett in Resplendently White Givenchy Gown at Hobbit Premiere
    Cate Blanchett is back in the limelight with the prequel to the hit "Lord of the Rings." For the movie?s premier, the Australian actress decided to wear something that?s unique and obviously made only for her. The Hobbit premiere became a night of glamour if only because of the classic beauty that Cate Blanchett in Givenchy exuded during the event.Stylish celebrityCate Blanchett is considered as one of the most stylish and fashionable celebrities in Hollywood, and beyond. She is touted by fashion designers as one of the most consistent when it comes to the wear of gowns and formal attire; they are clean, avant-garde, angular, manly, and simple but with a unique twist. Cate Blanchett as a fashion icon is consistent in her taste that everyone can determine if a particular style is one that?s hers.Stunning at the Hobbit Red CarpetAs she worked the Red Carpet during the premiere of her movie in London, which everyone predicts to be a blockbuster, Cate Blanchett was successful in making her presence greatly felt at the event. Everyone was in awe with the fashion style that she exuded by wearing a white Givenchy gown ? one that was already presented at a 2013 spring fashion runway event. Unique featuresThe gown by Cate Blanchett has a number of features that are quite characteristic of a traditional gown. For one thing, Blanchett?s Givenchy gown possesses long sleeves and a slit right up the skirt?s side. The gown also showed an open back that revealed the sexiness of the Hobbitt?s lead actress. Sexy dress overallHer beautiful gown was adjudged by many to be both a traditional and sexy dress. With the alluring gown of Blanchett a great success at the premiere, this seems to be the start of the Season of Sexy Backs. Cleavage is out, while muscled and lean back and shoulders are in. One thing is true - Cate Blanchett in Givenchy was a sight to behold. Blanchett?s dress by Givenchy?s Ghesquiere was perfect in displaying her beautifully toned back. In fact, not a few knows that Blanchett loves the work of Ghesquiere that people are wondering about how she will deal with the development of Alexander Wang getting the reigns at Givenchy soon. Many believe that Cate Blanchett will just continue working with Ghesquiere and hire his designing services for her own. After Givenchy, Ghesquiere will hopefully create his own line that Blanchett, and many others, will surely patronize.Image Source: FabSugar
    Wednesday 19th of December 2012 06:35:00 AM
  • Anne Hathaway Channels Gothic Lady for New York Premier of Les Miserable
    Lead actress Anne Hathaway decided to go for Gothic style as she attended Les Miserables New York premiere, which was held at NY City?s Ziegfeld Theatre last December 10th, 2012.Goth Anne Hathaway at the Les Miz PremiereAnne, who was cast to play the part of ?Fantine,? one of the major characters in Les Miserables, turned so many heads while she stunned everyone  with her unique and attractive deep black ensemble, which was enhanced by a dark cape. She wore a pair of strapped sandal boots and accessorized with black bracelets. To finish off her ensemble, she went for a slick dark hair and deep red lipstick. She completed her Goth appearance with a black-hued nail polish.The all black approach to her New York premiere look was noticeably different from her all-white dress which she donned for her movie?s premiere in the UK. In London, she decided to work a gown that showed much of her shoulders. The gown featured mock buttons that went down its center. Anne?s hairdo in London looked tussled instead having a wet and slick hair do. Les Miserables ladies sizzleAmanda Seyfried, who played the role of ?Cosette?, also dazzled everyone at the premier with a strapless gown in classic black and gold. She had her waistline enhanced by as chunky gold-buckled belt. She completed her look with a fabulous up-do. Samantha Barks, who acted the part of ?Eponine,? was simply fabulous in her seductive silver-hued gown that?s accentuated by a deep V shaped neckline.Dashing actors of Les MizAll looking dapper and debonair in their dark-colored suits are Director Tom Hooper and lead actors Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Eddie Redmayne, and Sacha Baron Cohen. Even child stars Isabelle Allen and Daniel Huttlestone looked so cute in their premiere-appropriate attire. Other attendees at the Les Miserables New York were A-list stars and celebrities like Cheyenne Jackson and Ari Graynor, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Vargas, and Bridget Moynahan. Helena Bonham Carter, who had an important role in the film was noticeably absent, and so was missed by her avid fans. Overall, it was a successful premiere of one of the most awaited films of the year. Image Source: DailyNews
    Tuesday 18th of December 2012 03:06:00 AM
  • Stella McCartney is Google?s Most Searched Fashion Brand for 2012
    United Kingdom?s top fashion designer, Stella McCartney, is named by premier search engine Google.com as the most popular fashion brand on the Internet. The fashion maven, who was responsible for the design and creation of Great Britain?s 2012 Olympic Team?s official attire, earned the highest rank in fashion and design-related search terms in the Google Zeitgeist 2012 lists. This is another major recognition of McCartney?s popularity, which came right after she was named the Designer of the Year by the prestigious British Fashion Awards.In good companyNext to Stella McCartney was the eccentric designer from Germany, Karl Lagerfeld, in second place. The two were followed closely by popular lingerie brand Victoria's Secret in third place of the Zeitgeist list. In fourth and fifth place are Alice Temperley and Versace, respectively. The fashion list was a yearly survey that?s conducted by Google.com. The online authority measures the fastest searches made by residents and consumers in the United Kingdom for the last twelve months. Most search people of 2012The Duchess of Cambridge, on the other hand, was named the second most-searched individuals of 2012. The top person that people searched at Google was Whitney Houston, who passed away unexpectedly in February. Third most-searched individual of the year was X Factor personality Gary Barlow. Fourth and fifth most searched people were fellow judge at X Factor Tulisa and Olympian Jessica Ennis, respectively.Most searched termThe most popular word overall that?s search in Google was Euro 2012. This proves that the football event had attracted Internet interest more than the recently-concluded London Olympic Games of 2012. Second most popular term was Olympics Tickets. In terms of movies, the most popular was Skyfall, with Prometheus and The Hunger Games in second and third place respectively.Obviously, Stella McCartney has gone a long way from being a fashion intern at Christian Lacroix to becoming the latest recipient of British Fashion Awards? Designer of the Year. The current title of Most Popular Fashion Brand from Google Zeitgeist is proof to the British fashion designer?s immense popularity not only in the United States and the UK, but the rest of the world as well.Image Source: Xpose
    Monday 17th of December 2012 05:15:00 AM
  • Lady Gaga?s Emporio Armani Shoe is up for Auction
    We can now include the Emporio Armani Shoe of famed pop star Lady Gaga in the list of the most expensive memorabilia of celebrities in the world.  This is because it is up for sale at a major auction house in Paris, France.Why just one shoe?This Emporio Armani shoe was part of the pair that the singer wore during one of the concerts of her Monster Ball Concert Tour at the Palais Omnisports de Bercy of Paris, way back in December of 2010. She decided to throw the footwear item to the audience; and now after two long years, it has emerged and landed in an auction house.Thrown out of gratitudeDuring that particular concert of the tour in Paris, the eccentric singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, was wearing Emporio Armani shoes. As she realized that she was in front and performing for one of the most enthusiastic crowds that she had ever, she decided to throw one of her shoes to the audience as a token of her appreciation. She was even heard saying after throwing it that Giorgio Armani will be very mad at her. Finally, the shoe resurfacedAfter two long years, the shoe had been discovered and slated for auction at the famous in the center of Paris. Reportedly, it will be sold for around $6,000. This beautiful and dazzling shoe is a silver metallic hued platform shoe that possesses a mirror-laden stiletto heel. The shoe is highly-crafted from unique metal leather that?s detailed with intricate cutout designs.The Emporio Armani shoe was done exclusively for use of Lady Gaga by premier Italian fashion designer Armani as part of the auction sale at auction company Cornette de Saint Cyr?s Fifth L?Homme et son Univers, which in English means ?Man and his World?. The same auction will likewise feature the Hermès Birkin bag that was formerly a part of the extravagant wardrobe collection of Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre, a famous French socialite; writing set by Smythson with Marilyn Monroe as previous owner; and a handsome fedora hat worn by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, during one of his performance.Image Source: Luxatic
    Friday 14th of December 2012 06:48:00 AM
  • Les Miserables Premiere at Odeon & Empire Cinemas of Leicester Square
    Everyone waited eagerly in spite of the cold temperatures in London for the start of the Les Miserables Premiere. This latest movie from the award-winning director Tom Hooper was shown in two of the most popular theaters of London, Odeon and Empire Cinemas of Leicester Square.Stars and guests dazzle at the premiereAll the actors of the movie braved a wintry evening in London as they attended its twin screenings at the two popular London cinemas. The Les Miserables leads, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe, walked the Red Carpet and made a tour of the twin theaters. They were joined by other Les Miz stars, like Samantha Barks, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Helena Bonham Carter.VIPs in AttendanceWorking Title head Eric Fellner came with Tim Bevan and Debra Hayward to start the event. Fellner was thankful to Bevan for his efforts in making the film a reality. Attending the movie premiere were the people behind the firm?s musical version, musical producer Cameron Mackintosh; and his musical associates Claude-Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer, and Alain Boublil. Hooper said that he would have wanted to invite and celebrate the showing of the movie with sixty million fans of the famous musical; however, he wasn?t able to get a London theater that?s big enough for everyone. He revealed that he has realized his dream of making a movie that will be shown at Empire, a beloved theater ever since his youth. He even made jokes at the premiere, apologizing to the audience for the late showing since it has been the tradition for audiences to be kept waiting at London premieres. Strong Bet for the Oscar AwardsLes Miserables, the setting of which is France of the 19th Century, is expected to rake a number of Oscar nominations and wins. It is heralded by its makers as a story of struggles, loves, and broken dream. Based on a popular Victor Hugo novel on which the long-running London musical also originates from, screenplay was written by award winning writer William Nicholson.After the Les Miserables premiere, actors and guests attended an after-movie party at Roundhouse in Northern London. The movie is expected to be shown in theaters all over the United States in December 25. International showing will be on January of 2013, starting at the UK in January 11.Image Source: PopSugar
    Thursday 13th of December 2012 05:18:00 AM
  • Advertising Standards Authority of UK Bans American Apparel Ads
    Top US clothing company American Apparel finds itself in a huge advertising mess with UK ad regulating agency Advertising Standards Authority after it run a number of online advertisements of scantily-clad female models. A pair of models at the latest American Apparel ad campaign seems to be doing a provocative act, with one of them apparently underage. Penchant for creating controversial adsThe American retailing firm is not new to such controversy as it had broken advertising rules in the US and other countries in the past. A staple violation is its use of exploitative and sexual images of young models. This time, it decided to post a series of advertisements for its two clothing lines ? tights and colored tees. And it seemed to have crossed the line again by featuring sexual images of women in its ads.Ad campaigns earned public complaintsBoth campaigns of American Apparel resulted in complaints that were filed at the Advertising Standards Authority. The ad watchdog received at least two complaints that reported images of young models modeling T-shirts via the Internet, wherein which the shirts were supposedly see-thru and that breasts of the women were visible. Complainants found the images to be too sexy and hence offensive. They reasoned that the posting of the ads is a highly irresponsible act. They also reasoned that the ads are purely sexual; they shouldn?t be displayed on a site in which young children have full access. Offensive to minorsAnother complaint filed at ASA involved a young mother who checked American Apparel?s online ads for tights with her 12-year old daughter, but was shocked upon seeing images of women almost naked except for the denier tights. ASA Rules American Apparel Ad BanASA ruled that the models look underage in one of the shirt ads, and since breasts were made visible through the shirt, it deemed that the ads are offensive. The tights campaign of American Apparel, according to ASA, was sexual and provocative, and offensive to the general public. The campaign was also ruled as irresponsible since young kids can gain access to these images on a website.The US retail giant, on its part, countered that its American Apparel ad campaign was done in good taste. And this it has been doing advertising campaigns of such nature ever since. In the end, ASA banned three AA ads that were posted on the website that promote tights.Image Source: TheGuardian
    Thursday 13th of December 2012 03:10:00 AM
  • Kendall Jenner Mesmerizes with Leather Skirt at KIIS FM Jingle Ball
    Numerous Hollywood Stars and celebrities were in hand to deck the halls at KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2012 two-night celebration. Yes ? instead of just one-night event like during the previous years, the Yuletide festivities and events that made up the Ryan Seacrest-hosted ball, were celebrated for two evenings. Kendall Jenner in high-waist leather skirtOne of the top celebrities that caught the attention of many was Kendall Jenner. Accompanied by her equally beautiful sister Kylie, Kendall was the star of the event. She is slowly but surely breaking away from her older sisters, and becoming her own unique personality as she immerses herself into her own clothing ventures. Indeed, the two are obviously following Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe?s footsteps by making a cool and stylish appearance at the just-concluded Jingle Ball concert.Kendall jumped into the leather trend of the season by wearing a black leather mini skirt. She looked like she has imbibed Kim?s love for leather with such a rocking bottom, which she appropriately matched with a edgy grey cut-out top. Kylie, on the other hand, matched her own leather skirt with a playful black-colored shirt.Star-studded concert eventAs news about tons of super talented pop artists and singers performing at the two-night ball spread, many Hollywood celebrities felt motivated to imbibe the holiday spirit by going to the KIIS FM Jingle Ball. Some of the artists that attended the affair are six X-Factor finalists, Dancing with the Stars graduates Shawn Johnson and Roshon Fegan, as well as the show?s staples like Cheryl Burke, judge Carrie Ann Inaba, and Derek Hough. Other stars that were on hand to add glitter at the Yuletide event were Glee heartthrob Dean Geyer, performer Ne-Yo, and statuesque NeNe Leakes.  The Jenner sisters had a great time at the ball. Especially in the case of Kendall, her appearance at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball was made more special by the fact that she wore one of the most admired ensembles at the event. She loved that she was helped by her sisters in making a choice of dress that she donned at the event. Indeed, the Kardashian sisters know best as they made Kendall wear a cool dress that stunned everyone at the Jingle ball. Image Source: NokiaTheatre-MyFaceHunter
    Wednesday 12th of December 2012 03:14:00 AM
  • CR Fashion Book a Big Hit ? Sold Out at All Newstands
    Carine Roitfeld?s premier issue of the highly-anticipated CR Fashion Book, which had hit the newsstands last September, has sold out. Don?t worry any longer if you have missed a copy yourself and want your own as more will be printed. This is all due to insistent public demand for such a beautiful first CR issue.50,000 is not enoughAccording to reports by WWD, as many as 50,000 copies of the very first issue had been printed and made available for sale. At 15 dollars apiece, the amount is a staggering $750,000. After they had been sold out, there has been a continuous demand for the issue that publisher of the magazine, Fashion Media Group, decided to order and have another 15,000 copies printed.Already paid copies yet to be deliveredThis supposedly good news comes at a time when there have been reports of individuals who have already bought their copy of the CR Fashion book but are yet to get their order. It has been surmised by that company have problems satisfying the orders on time, although efforts are being made. If there are indeed cases of orders that are yet to be fulfilled, the additional 15,000 copies will be of great help. The fresh new prints will be made available on or before Christmas time. Hence, it is a perfect item for those with gift giving endeavors. Second Issue available during NY Fashion WeekFor more exciting news, everyone is now assured of CR Fashion Book?s next (second) issue since it is set to be released during the fashion week at New York. International distribution of the magazine will be done of February 21 2013. Its print run will be bigger at 65,000, which is approximately 15,000 copies more than the run of the first issue.Clearly, CR Fashion Book by Carine Roitfeld is a great success, despite the obvious decline of demand for newsstand magazines. And everyone is so excited to get their hands on the second issue. However, the publication must make sure that they settle any problems involving the first issue by delivering to those who have yet to receive their copy.Image Source: Fashionista
    Tuesday 11th of December 2012 02:24:00 AM
  • Diane Kruger Shines at HFPA & In Style 2013 Golden Globe Party
    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association might have chosen one of the best Miss Golden Globe?s in Francesca Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's beautiful 19-year-old daughter; but the star at the Miss Golden Globe party was Diane Kruger. She flaunted her beauty and signature Diane Kruger fashion by wearing a stunning black and white Rochas dress at the celebration, which were hosted by both the HFPA and In Style. The party, which was held last November 29 at West Hollywood?s Cecconi?s, served as the official opening mark of the Golden Globe Awards season. The event was the perfect time for 36-year-old start and actress to show off her distinct taste in style and fashion that the public has always loved about her. Fellow star Olivia Munn ShinesThe beautiful star was accompanied at the grand Hollywood event by equally famous personalities like Jenna Dewan and Olivia Munn. Also present to enjoy the HFPA-led party was Emily Mortimer, co-star of Olivia Munn at The Newsroom, together with the show?s creator and master, Aaron Sorkin.Other Glamorous Attendees at Golden Globe PartyGlee actress and top celebrity Lea Michele lent her stunning presence to the Hollywood affair by looking fabulous with her Valentino gown, which was completed with beautiful accessories such as Fendi bag, Borgo Bracelet, Giambattista Valli pumps, and Neuwirth earrings. Other A-list celebrities who attended the affair were Annika Marks, Georgia King, Kat Kramer, Christa B Allen, Mary Eli, and Abigail Spencer. Unique and stylish Kruger fashionApart from the dazzling Rochas dress that is accentuated by its cool flared shirt, Ms Kruger wore ravishing accessories like a pair of peep toe-styled Chanel pumps and fine clutch bag creation by Lena Erziak. It was such a perfect ensemble that?s unmistakably Diane Kruger fashion.In the case of Olivia Munn, she wore a dress from For Love and Lemons, a pair of high heels from Shoe Mint, and a classic vintage clutch. Jenna Dewan wore a beautiful and stunning gown from Diane Von Furstenberg. Her shoes, which were made by Christian Louboutin, fitted her naturally. Her ensemble was completed with a set of beautiful jewelry by Jacquie.Image Source: StyleBistro-AllVoices
    Monday 10th of December 2012 05:47:00 AM
  • Kylie Minogue Loses her Foot as She Poses for Elle UK Cover
    Australian pop star and music diva Kylie Minogue is clearly the latest fail victim of Photoshop software as she posed for the front cover of Elle Magazine ? with a missing leg and foot. In the cover, the music icon?s petite body appeared to be much tinier as it?s obvious that airbrush job has been done on the photo. However, a huge oversight was the Elle Magazine editor?s failure to make corrections on her missing leg at the Elle Magazine cover.Everything was there, except Kylie?s leg and footThe cover would have been a perfectly beautiful photo where it not for the fact that Magazine inadvertently decided to exclude Kylie Minogue?s leg and foot at the latest Elle Magazine cover. It was such a fortunate error as the songstress, who is set to celebrate her 25 years in the muslc business in a bang, actually looked fabulous as she went for the best poses for Elle?s UK edition. Unnatural shotKylie?s foot appeared to have been cut unnaturally just above her foot that the shot look so awkward. Specifically, she posed with one of her legs tucked under her body; however, her foot was missing when it should have been there and showing. This mistake made most readers to think that the cover was airbrushed, only that the process was done too much that it turned out to be unrealistic. Others made some amusing comment about the possibility of Kylie having the ability to contort her body into unbelievable positions.  Other previous Photoshop faux pasKylie Minogue is not the only high profile celebrity that was a victim of Photoshop misuse. On one photo shoot, the software made Kate Middleton to appear like she had developed a baby bump. A popular angel of Victoria?s Secret lost her arm. Because of wrong airbrushing, editors of a premier fashion magazine had ?The Voice? judge Christina Aguilera?s body slimmed down in a very unnatural manner.Photoshop Kate Middleton's Baby BumpVictoria's Secret model lost her armChristina Aguilera's body slimmed downMinogue has yet to make an official statement on this recent development on her. But knowing the diminutive celebrity, she will only brush aside (sorry, but pun intended) this Elle Magazine cover incident and focus on more important aspects of her booming career.Image Source: YahooLifestyle
    Friday 7th of December 2012 06:23:00 AM
  • It?s Final: Net-A-Porter Magazine will Launch its Print Version
    It is finally revealed that premier luxury Internet-based shopping website Net-A-Porter Magazine will soon come up with a newsstand version of its own within the next twelve months. Making the announcement at a recent conference, Chief Executive Officer Mark Sebba explained that it will be more of a fashion magazine. With the impending release of a magazine, the company has practically admitted that printed publication still has great importance to the media and advertising industry.Successful digital magazineNet-A-Porter Magazine is a success with its digital format, which come out every week and is available via the Internet and iPad applications. Actually, the plan of coming out with a print version is nothing new since it already released a print version, albeit in a limited number, for its spring and summer 2011 magazine. The print, which had quirky model Alexa Chung as its featured cover girl, were distributed to the magazine?s corporate clients.Print Version is expectedThe move to make a printed version is not surprising since the founder of Net-A-Porter, Natalie Massenet, had already been involved at successful printed publications such as Tatler and Women's Wear Daily before the digital magazine was set up. Apart from this, the online magazine is headed by Lucy Yeomans, the former editor of British Harper?s Bazaar, and Tess Macleod Smith, Hearst?s ex-publishing director. Both are receptive and even pushing for the printed magazine plan to push through. Revolutionary magazineWhen the magazine was launched over a decade ago, the people behind it were focused on revolutionizing the publication industry more than the aspect of online shopping. They are bent on not just successfully moving products and services, but wanting to have a better understanding of media?s role in commerce. This means being able to maximize the benefits from advertising profits of any printed publication apart from ensuring its retail sales. Such benefits are the reasons why the company is committed to making the print version a reality.Even when Sebba is thought of as having the plan out on the open prematurely, leaks about the said plan had been circling around months before. And now that the magazine?s CEO had spoken, it?s sure that Net-A-Porter Magazine will soon have its printed ?sibling? available to the public.Image Source: Telegraph
    Friday 7th of December 2012 02:39:00 AM
  • Top Celebrities at the British Fashion Awards 2012
    Only the best and brightest celebrities showed up at the British Fashion Awards 2012 at the Savoy Hotel of London, either as guests or awardees of the event?s most coveted titles. Here are just some of the luminaries that lent their presence to the prestigious fashion occasion: Alexa ChungChung is creating the habit of earning the best dressed prize at the BFA. In fact, this is her third year to be awarded the title. Her dress was a black-toned, embroidered dress creation by Simone Rocha. She completed her look with a multi-colored Nicholas Kirkwood boots.Stella McCartneyOne personality that shouldn?t be missed in one of the grandest nights celebrating British fashion is Stella McCartney. After a prolific year that?s capped with her major work at the London Olympic Games, everyone did expect Stella McCartney to reap accolades. Indeed, she was a major BFA winner with her Designer Brand and Designer of the Year awards.Dita von TeeseOne of the true stars of the event was Dita Von Teese, who looked radiant as ever in a ravishing Jenny Packham-created, long-sleeved gown accentuated by a plunging neckline. As usual, she took pride in showing off her enviable retro hairstyle and bright red lipstick.Alice DellalAlice Dellal opted for a safe fashion classic for the British Fashion Awards, which is a beautiful little black dress that perfectly suited her. She made up for the simplicity in her dress by wearing Chanel accessories and Dominic Jones jewelry.Manolo BlahnikShoe maker and designer nonpareil Manolo Blahnik was given the award of Outstanding Achievement in Fashion. This is because of his immense contribution to the fashion industry as well as his highly successful shoe designing career.Salma HayekSalma Hayek exuded Hollywood as she wore a black Stella McCartney ensemble and Boucheron jewels. She herself presented McCartney with one of the awards.Cara DelevingneFinally, for the British Fashion Awards 2012?s Model of the Year title, only a hardworking supermodel who managed to clinch Chanel and Burberry campaigns deserves it ? and this is Cara Delevingne. She walked the BFA event?s red carpet while mesmerizing everyone with her green Burberry by Burberry and Dominic Jones jewelry.Image Source: MarieClaire
    Thursday 6th of December 2012 06:45:00 AM
  • Pirelli Unveils No-Nude Calendar of 2013
    Who hasn?t been waiting for the Pirelli calendar 2013 to come out? Even if the calendar is known to be exclusive as it is mainly sent to the premier Italian tire firm?s clients, any hot-blooded man will want to have his hands on it, if only because it features some of the most beautiful women in the world in their birthday suit. Imagine being able to see your favorite top model in her full nakedness. For the 2013 edition of Pirelli Calendar, however, a major change will be seen as the models will be photographed while being fully-clothed. There is even one Victoria?s Secret model in the calendar that?s pregnant. Amazing job by top photographer Steve McCurryAs usual, Pirelli commissioned the best photographer to take the pictures of the world?s most beautiful and sexiest models. The only difference for the 2013 edition is that nobody among them will be featured in the nude. This is definitely a 360 degree-turn, since the iconic calendar is synonymous to models posing while scantily dressed or even totally naked.The photographs for the 2013 edition were the work of Steve McCurry, who is widely praised and awarded for his ?Afghan Girl? photograph for 1985 National Geographic. McCurry photographed his models while they acted normally in a real-life world, with the breathtaking landscapes of Brazil as the setting. This required them to be photographed in their clothes. Will it be a hit?Throughout the years, Pirelli calendar has strived to be a cut above the rest by not only featuring beautiful and curvy models but by making sure that the photographs were artistically done to ensure that the calendar is not labeled as outright pornographic. Now the question is, will the calendar still be popular, knowing that the reason why men look forward to its latest edition is for its sexy models?Calendar of the soulsFamous models that were featured in the Pirelli calendar 2013 were Sônia Braga, Petra Nemcova, Marisa Monte, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Karlie Kloss. McCurry likewise took the picture of Victoria?s Secret angel, supermodel Adriana Lima, while she was 5 months in her pregnancy. This version of Pirelli calendar is one that he calls as the ?calendar of the souls.?Image Source: HighSnob
    Wednesday 5th of December 2012 03:02:00 AM
  • Supermodel Kate Moss is Topless for Spanish Vogue
    One of the latest steps of Kate Moss involving her showbiz pursuits is the making of a documentary on which she will star and be featured doing her daily activities. This proves that she is willing to share a part of her life, although the supermodel has always been secretive when it comes to revealing more private aspects such as her relationship. Still, in the latest Kate Moss Vogue photo stint, she has proven to be all out ? all for the sake of professional modeling. This is because in Vogue Espana, not only did the top model grace the cover of the magazine?s December issue, but she posed nude as well.   Lying on a longue nakedThe controversial image showed the 38-year-old supermodel lying on a chaise longue appearing topless with her breasts fully exposed while being watched on by Spain?s premier matador, Jose Mari Manzanares. Her upper body, on the other hand, is just covered with the bullfighter?s red cape. Her co-model, Manzanares, a very famous Spanish matador, has done his part by revealing his upper body as well. His suit was unbuttoned to reveal his well-defined chest and abs. Meaningful Front CoverMoss also graced the magazine?s front cover by wearing a black-colored hairnet, which is quite symbolic since this clothing piece is worn by women in Spain as they go through a bereavement phase. The shot came up to be powerful as the model seemed to look at the camera with slightly opened lips while looking forlorn. Shots by Mario TestinoAll shots of Kate Moss? for Spanish Vogue, including the front cover and controversial topless shot; were done by premier fashion photographer Mario Testino. One of the reasons why Moss agreed to doing the topless shoot was because Testino was on board. She was sure that, with the famous photographer at the helm, her shots will be artistic. The whole outcome of the shoot was meant to feature and immortalize things and traditions that are associated with this old European country.In order to come up with a substantial documentary, Moss allowed the film maker and crew to follow her around to her activities, such as her book tour in connection with the upcoming distribution of her coffee table book. But for now, the main issue that is gaining immense attention is the Kate Moss Vogue topless photo. This is sure to boost Vogue Espana sales come the release of its December issue. Image Credit: MailOnline
    Tuesday 4th of December 2012 05:28:00 AM
  • Rihanna Leads Westfield?s Christmas Lights Switch On Ceremony
    Rihanna seems to be comfortable in whatever dress she fancies. At the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre, she wore a double breasted coat; a blue, manlike styled ensemble that came from Raf Simons collection of Fall 2012. People in the know joked that the deep pockets of the coat were perfect to carry the gargantuan amount of £500,000 as fee that she received for her appearance. Unanimous choice in RihannaAnother celebrity ? or celebrity group, rather ? was mulled over by the Westfield Centre as a potential act for the festive event, and this was the Spice girls. The popular girl band was fresh from its successful performance at the London Olympic Games of 2012. In the end, everyone agreed that Rihanna was the ideal choice. The management decided that they want 2012 Christmas to be the best one that people of London will always remember; and so they thought Rihanna leading the Christmas light switch-on activity will be memorable.Thrilled to be back at WestfieldRihanna was happy to be asked to do the switch-on task again at Westfield Stratford. She is aware that the occasion was one of the most awaited events in the place, and so she wanted to be a part of it. She made sure that every one of the 20,000 fans had a great time as she performed afterwards. She proved to be the perfect choiceIndeed, Rihanna was the ideal celebrity to do the switch on as she gave her all. She performed magnificently in front of her fans while dressed up in an ensemble that deserved equal attention. There was an impressive turnout at the event, proving the immense popularity of the pop star. Rihanna was the top attraction, with everyone waving their cell phones as she led the ceremonies. She even posed for a few fans backstage.Apart from being in the mannish double breasted coat, the pop star was seen wearing a red-toned scarf after she completed her Christmas light switching-on task. Rihanna were assisted by a group of young ambassadors from Save the Children, the charity affiliate of Westfield. Lucky fans were called backstage and had the chance to meet Rihanna after her performance. Rihanna seems to be a favorite celebrity when it comes to gracing such festive occasions. In 2010, she had been asked to turn Westfield?s Shepherd?s Bush Christmas lights. Last year, both centres of Westfield commissioned Justin Bieber to do the ceremony. Image Source: RCFA
    Thursday 29th of November 2012 06:09:00 AM
  • Androgynous Saskia de Brauw Models for Saint Laurent Paris
    The time has come for androgyny to take center stage. Indeed, while we had more opportunities of encountering mainstream work of popular transgender models such as Lea T and Andrej Pejic who have done popular fashion campaign of Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier, the spotlight is now on mannish girls who star in menswear advertising campaigns. One of the latest of these androgynous superstars is Saskia de Brauw, who is seen at the newest YSL menswear ad campaign.Presence of Androgyny in fashionAndrogyny is not new in the fashion world. In fact, this concept of female models exhibiting boyish features in fashion shows and photo shots have been common occurrence for years. The novelty of female models looking like a male has not waned, and has even inspired fashion designers to continue in creating pieces the designs and of which border on blurred sexuality. Popular androgynous models such as Agyness Deyn and Stella Tennant have been in the forefront when it comes to models that do androgynous ad campaigns. Just recently, Casey Leglier, with her defined cheekbones, had been commissioned by Ford to walk the runway wearing men?s wear.Hedi Slimane?s Saint Laurent Men?s WearSlimane is popular not only for making avant-garde wear for men. Likewise, he is known for hiring female celebrities to don his men?s creations, some of which were Madonna and Nicole Kidman. It is not surprising that the designer takes advantage of people?s acceptance of his gender-breaking work now that he is onboard as the main designer for Saint Laurent.Sakia de Brauw for Saint Laurent?s menswearIn a unique twist that?s meant to defy old YSL tradition, instead of hiring a male model for his Saint Laurent menswear ad campaign, Slimane hired Chanel staple Saskia de Brauw. In the YSL menswear campaign, he photographed de Brauw in her rawness, without thick makeup or big hairdo. This allowed the model?s androgyny feel to exude in the photos. Was the Sakia de Brauw-androgyny factor a ploy for YSL to help increase its sales? It must be remembered that when Slimane also designed for Dior Homme, his men?s skinny suits were a big hit among women. Eventually, the collection became popular with both sexes that they are now available for both sexes beginning January of next year. Will this be the same with the latest Slimane-designed YSL menswear? This will be known when his collection will be presented in Paris in Spring of 2013.Image Source: Fashionologie
    Thursday 29th of November 2012 05:52:00 AM
  • Cara Delevingne?s Risque Tarantula Shoot as ID Magazine cover
    People who got to see the most recent picture of supermodel Cara Delevingne in her ID magazine cover only have one word to describe the photo ? fierce. The model has consistently been on the limelight by lording it over all other supermodels like her in fashion weeks. She had established a good bonding relationship with top celebrities such as Azealia Banks and Rihanna, and was linked to Harry Styles. And now she is one of the top cover girls for I-D Magazine. These are somehow quite an achievement for someone who?s relatively a greenhorn in the industry, right? Spider in an eyeCara did have some guts to allow a tarantula to cover her right eye, one of the bravest acts among the latest eight stars who covered at I-D?s Wise Up edition. Every cover of the magazine is unique, although the theme to be shown is always the iconic wink with the model closing the right eye. Karl Lagerfeld covered his right eye with an eye patch, while Kate Moss covered hers with a fringe. On the other hand, Charlotte Free covered her right eye with a piece of pizza. Most daring shotDelevingne is the most daring of the bunch as she decided to allow the potentially deadly creature (with the capacity to render her blind) to sit on her right eye. The daringness is somehow expected of Cara as she is known to do modeling stunts in the past. She will not hesitate to be labeled as the fashion industry?s clown, like when she had no qualms when she was asked to wear a hot dog costume.  Shot at London ZooThe entire editorial of the model was done at the London Zoo, wherein apart from the tarantula shot, Cara also had her other shots with the zoo?s animals such as ducks, rabbits, owl, Komodo dragon, and snake. Cara herself had pictures of the London Zoo shoots tweeted to friends, showing her frolicking around the place and having a wonderful time.Aside from Cara and her quirky ID Magazine cover, others featured with her were Lara Stone, Lena Dunham, Arizona Muse, and Grace Coddington. Everyone admitted to having had her own special moments with her cover shoot. As for Cara herself, she saw herself as a schoolgirl at the zoo having the best time of her life. Image Source: DesignScene
    Tuesday 27th of November 2012 06:33:00 AM
  • Cacharel Changes Name to Cacharel Paris by Fall 2013
    The fashion industry has been experiencing major restructuring and other changes in fashion houses and brands these days. For instance, Louis Vuitton has a new Chief Executive Officer, while everyone can expect more life in Maison Martin Margiela as it has a new designer on board. The latest in the merry goings-on is the change of name of Cacharel to Cacharel Paris. This is apart from for the appointment of a new CEO for the French fashion brand. Alibert as new Cacharel headRichard Alibert, who once headed Bonpoint and Céline was appointed to take over the executive charges of the company. One of his very first actions as Cacharel?s CEO was the announcement of the plan to bring in-house design back as the responsibility of the house. He also revealed that by fall of next year, Cacharel will be known as Cacharel Paris. Haute Couture to contemporaryIn line with the change in its name, Alibert also announced the transformation of the Cacharel line from haute couture to modern, easy, and contemporary design. Fashion mavens Dawei Sun and Ling Liu, the duo that took over the job of Cédric Charlier when the latter?s contract was not renewed by the company last year, will still work as top design makers for the house. Lower Prices from Cacharel ParisThe Cacherel line is envisioned by Alibert as one that offers modern designs with evidently strong touches of high-fashion French styles. As its designs turn to be more contemporary, Cacharel becomes accessible to the general public since it now offers its collections at lower prices. Designer clothes will become available at 30% lower price points. Shirts will be priced at $200 to $235 come fall 2013. Cacharel dresses will also be priced lower at $325 to around $455, while quality coats will be around $650.More Affordable for everyoneThe change of the name of the brand to Cacharel Paris seems a start of good things happening at the company. For one thing, the brand has always been known for tasteful clothing with expensive prices. Now that it has decided to offer a lower price point, it has become more competitive and a sure threat to quality yet lower-priced French fashion brands like Carven.Image Sources: FashionDaily
    Tuesday 27th of November 2012 06:15:00 AM

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